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NEMISA Questions and Answers

Answers are not in order,and not complete 100%.



The maximum zoom percentage in Ms power point is

What issue does blue dotted line represent
-clarity issue

Auto correct was originally designed ……

To use replace feature we can simply…..

Under which tab will find margin feature

  • layout

The quickest way to change a word
-to double click

What issue does the squiggly line represent
-spelling issue

Which of the following is not a don’t style

  • regular

From which tab can you access the save comment

  • none of the above

What issue does the dotted line double underline represent

Which feature enable us to send the mail letter
-mail merge

To creat mail merge which steps
-selecte mailing

What is Microsoft word
-is a computerised tool

Which you can find learning too
-all of the above

Anto it’s number 1 use documents inspector

Where can you insert page number
-header and footer

How do you save new document
-file save as
Click file

Which of the following is not in Microsoft word
Magic tool

In which tap on the ribbon….

In which tab can you find the paragraph spacing

  • design

You can remove the header and footer from the first page of your documents

What features can help your formal documents
-line and paragraph spacing

The page break is found in the –

What is the shortest key that will get you to tell me
-alt +q

Microsoft word is develop by

Your page can not have the same header and footer

If you have particially used sheet…..

The header and footer section gets selected by clicking the bottom of page

The editor pane with correction

Microsoft word support minimum

When you file change from PDF to word

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