P1 and P2 2021 Training / Apprenticeship Program.

Transnet invites applicants to apply for the P1 and P2 2021 Training / Apprenticeship Program.

Training request closing date: October 11, 2020

Training location: South Africa

Transnet SOC Ltd is a focused freight forwarding company providing integrated, efficient, safe, reliable and profitable services to promote economic growth in South Africa. As part of our youth development strategy. Transnet offers Integrated Learning on the Job for students who require an on-the-job training opportunity to complete their PI -P2 to enable them to earn their qualifications in the disciplines listed below.


Completed / to be completed at the end of semester S4
No contractual obligation with other companies

Metallurgy (physics)
Metrology •
Analytic chemistry
Priority will be given to the placement of South African nationals that will conform to Transnet’s employment equity requirements.

How to apply

Send your request to: WIL@transnet.net / fax: 0065827236

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