REF NO: 230421/33
Branch: NWRI North Operations
SALARY: R102 534 per year (Level 02)
CENTER: Levubu
REQUIREMENTS: ABET certificate. Knowledge of cleaning principles. Knowledge of chemistry
use (dilution / mixing). Knowledge of the cleaning equipment to use. Knowledge
of health and safety requirements. Basic knowledge of record keeping. Basic
understanding of the application of safety rules. Basic understanding of the application or
using chemicals correctly. Good interpersonal communication relationships.
The cleaning experience will be a bonus.
DUTIES: The provision of cleaning services. Conserve and maintain cleaning materials and
team. Dusting, waxing, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors and
doors. Emptying and cleaning of dirty containers. Collection and disposal of waste
paper. Renovation of office areas. Clean general kitchen sinks, wash and
Maintain stock of kitchen utensils. Empty and wash garbage cans. Cleaning the
Departmental meeting rooms. Report broken machines. Request cleaning
materials. Help with other tasks when necessary.
INQUIRIES: Mr. KS Thantsha Tel No: (015) 307 8600
APPLICATIONS: Levubu: send your request by email indicating the corresponding reference number

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