Art and Tourism Data Upload assistance

National information center on art and tourism
Cape Town

NATI Hub, the National Center for Arts and Tourism Information, is looking for a content upload intern to copy and paste information into their new system.

We won’t lie, it’s a boring job. But we need someone with an eye for detail and a first-rate command of the English language, as well as the efficiency of a machine and the patience of a saint.

The position is initially project-based (+/- a month), but if all goes well, it can lead to a full-time content manager position as part of a fun, laid-back team – a great opportunity for the right person.

We are looking for a safe and reliable entrepreneur who is capable of:

● Take the initiative

● Be flexible

● Finish your tasks

● Comply with assigned tasks, as well as implement any changes or

improvements independently

The successful candidate will be required to work from the office at Woodstock 1-2 days a week from approximately 9 a.m. M. At 3 p. M. Otherwise, work can be done from home at your convenience.

The main responsibilities of the position include (but are not limited to):
• Upload content
• Evaluate and correct the style and precision of the house
• Checking GPS locations
• Image review

The intern is also expected to communicate with the Editor about
• Tasks assigned, including raising inquiries or concerns
• Any suggestion or recommendation
• Content ideas
• Availability / schedules

Communication should be professional at all times, with efficient acknowledgment of emails.

and assigned tasks.

The remuneration is R3500 for the scope of the project, which will be a fixed number of positions calculated to take approximately 20 business days (ie one month) of 6 to 7 hours per day.

If interested, please send the following to
• CV (to give us an idea of ​​your experience and official aesthetics)
• Letter of motivation (to give us an idea of ​​your character)
• Contact details of at least 2 references

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